Healing Through Unconditional Love

The Dolphin Chronicles



      Greetings, I am Unumi. I am the spokes dolphin for Dolphin Light and will be your guide through the wonders of Dolphin Consciousness. I have chosen to be in the etheric to do this work, as communication through Marni is clearer and more available for sharing than if I were in the physical. I have done that many, many times, in many different forms, to experience the Experiment.

I would like to give you a little history lesson. My being originated on the celestial body you know as Sirius. It is a water planet of great beauty and harmony, where energy is focused on spiritual growth and learning and the transition to higher dimension was gentle. It was on Sirius that the lessons and gifts shared by Dolphin Light were created and perfected…we do not preach that which we do not practice!


       Millennia ago, a call went out to the cosmos from the All, asking for input, assistance and participation in a grand experiment. A beautiful, loving space, known as Gia, had volunteered to be the setting for an advanced spiritual classroom, the likes of which had never been seen before. This classroom would exist in the 3rd dimension and contain such challenges as duality, ego, free will, separation and non-interference. Graduation would occur when the vibrational frequency of Gaia, and her inhabitants, reached a resonation level compatible with transition to the 4th dimension.  To incarnate here would take courage, as the lessons could be harsh, but the rewards great!


     Response came from all over the extended Universe. The Ascended Masters, the Ancient Wise Ones, the Angelic Realm, the Divas and Fairies, representatives of many galaxies and collectives all vowed their support. Some chose to participate by incarnating physically and experiencing the Experiment. Some chose to stay in the etheric and provide guidance and assistance when called upon. Some, including the representatives from Sirius, chose to be physically present upon Gaia but retain their spiritual consciousness.

Thus it came to be that our presence evolved into the species known as Cetaceans – mammals of the sea. As planned, we retained our clear connection to higher consciousness and patiently held silent witness to the trials and triumphs of Gaia’s ongoing struggle to ascend. We never wavered from our core values of non-judgment and unconditional love, as we intentionally befriended the inhabitants of Gaia, hoping to connect and teach by example. We feel our efforts have been successful, as we have become a beloved and accepted part of the culture. 


     We made a promise to Gaia to assist in her transition and have been loyal to that promise. We are gifted midwives! Several times she has been close but it was not yet time. Once again, we have become aware of an ever-increasing vibrational frequency as more and more souls are expanding and remembering their true essence. Because of this occurrence, we have been able to expand our energies as well! We feel the time of birth is nearing and are now reaching out to those with whom we have soul connections to assist. Please believe, these are wonderful and exciting times!





     Greetings!! I am known as Baroni, a member of the  Dolphin Light Trilogy.  Like Unumi, I am in the etheric at this time for more direct transference of information and ease of contact with the human species.  I, too originated on Sirius, one of several liquid based global units, which support complete life systems.

 This is the  first chapter of the book 

"The Path of the Dolphin Lightworker".



    It all began in a fairy-tale land by the sea. It is a love story that has resonated across the ages, with many odd twists and turns. There was once a lovely young woman who lived in a land by the sea, where the humanoids had gills and were able to both swim in the water and walk on the land. There was once a handsome young bottlenose dolphin that was master of his domains, both the sea and the etheric consciousness to which his species had a clear connection.

     They met by chance and destiny one day while both were frolicking in the waves of the warm, clear turquoise water. Fascinated by their differences, as well as their similarities, they became the closest of friends and would swim and play and talk and share for hours. The beautiful coral reefs and flowing grasses were their playground and the colorful sea creatures smiled to see their happiness. He called her Marni, or Earth Angel and she called him Palani, or Sea Angel.

     As time passed and they grew older, life got more complicated. Marni’s family told her that sea dwelling was only for the very young, and with maturity came responsibility. Societal dictates said that she needed to attend school, develop her abilities, find a mate and form a family unit…on land. Her gills would gradually recede and the sea would be visited only for brief holidays.

     Meanwhile, Palani’s pod was reminding him that he needed to learn the skills of the dolphin, develop his abilities, find a mate and form a family unit…in the sea. He would occasionally be able to see the humanoids on the beach and could wave and sing to them.

     Marni and Palani refused to listen to their communities and continued to spend their time together. With the threat of separation came the realization that they were more than friends…they were soul mates and, despite their different bodies, their spirits belonged together.

     There were many attempts, by both species, to discourage their connection. The humanoids threatened ostracism, pleaded, ordered, laid guilt and blame and tried to catch Palani in their fishing nets. Marni learned of their plan and cut the nets. The dolphins threatened ostracism, pleaded, ordered, laid guilt and blame and tried to have Marni eaten by a shark. Palani learned of their plan and fought off the shark.

     Finally, both sides gave up, judging and dismissing them as being a bit odd and eccentric…the stuff legends are made of. Their many years together were peaceful, harmonious, spiritual and loving. No one was ever happier. They knew and accepted that Palani’s species was not as long lived as Marni’s, and as they prepared for his passing, they vowed to reconnect their souls. Marni asked, “How will I know you?” and Palani replied, “I will whisper ‘you knew me’.”